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August 10th, 2010

So I have been thinking about this for a while now, but it's many things that have been leading up to this.

I am probably going to stop posting on live journal, well as near as I can figure any way.

I am starting to see much of my time being spent away from my computer in favor of other mediums, such as my iPad or with my son, who takes up pretty much all of my free time if I have any to spare when I am not working.

I may pop back on for the sporadic update now and again, or the random comment on a friends page, but the fun I had with the live journal postings for me is pretty much done for now. Damn that growing up thing, so hard to deal with some times.

I will probably be switching over to a more constant updating schedule on Facebook as it's easier to get short updates and pictures up on there, so if you want to keep up with me go there and friend me or message me there as I can check it very easily and often with the use of my iPad.

Well if I do return to the world of blogging it will probably be in some new manor or face but if and when I do I will let the world know.

March 16th, 2010

Well it took me long enough, but the old mac is back up and running again, spiffy new hard drive and everything.

As for an update well I will type until I can't think of anything else... been some minor things but I am really at a loss for a lot of words, work seems to suck the soul out of me because we are still pretty busy, thankfully busy enough that we haven't gotten our hours cut again but we are barely making ends meet some days with the amount of work that is put in.  Work has been getting to everybody at the pharmacy, it seems there are too many customers out there that are more than happy to chew us out over the littlest of things, like why there medication prices keep climbing, or why can't we go faster on a freaking Monday, or my insurance should be paid up why aren't they covering it and can you get them to move faster with paying for my medication faster.  Too this end I know we are losing at least one of my coworker's whom I will miss when she finally does leave, and another of my coworkers will be leaving once his replacement is found.  I on the other hand as well trained as I am, still don't feel like I am on the level with everything or that I am being moved around fairly... which is a grievance I will be trying to address at my review which is in the process of being done.

My days pretty much have fallen in to a simple pattern which most of the time I am not very fond of, mostly because of work and how it destroys my evenings, and the possibility of me getting any kind of real day time hours is pretty much on the shoulders of my coworkers who work the daytime hours, nothing against them personally its just I don't see myself working the night shift for ever... but then again I don't know how long I will actually want to or be able to stay with Walgreen's with what I am hearing about the internal changes going on with Walgreen's and how they are looking to shape the pharmacy for us.  My current outlook is that my job will be replaced with less time spent actually at the counter or that I will go to work at an external location for Walgreen's.  But as for now, I really don't know, I'm content but not happy about it some days...

So far I have been doing well in my online class to get my degree from Eastern, I have gotten a few grades that both Megan and I were not super happy with, but they were still well and passing, and I am currently earning a high B after 10 weekly tests/quizzes and two exams, I have one more exam and I think it's the final and another batch of weekly tests/quizzes to take before I am done with school.

Come this summer I may take that shiny new degree and see about actually applying it somewhere and start work on maybe finding something better than dealing with retail...

In baby news, Megan is still doing fine, a few bumps and bruises along the way but she is taking it in great strides, one of the last ultrasounds had our baby sucking their little thumb in the womb which was so freaking cute it almost hurt!  As of yet there hasn't been any baby showers but Megan has been informed she must be at a couple of places on certain dates and that family will be involved.  And true to our word we haven't found out the sex of our baby and it still remains a mystery until our little Munchkin is born.... which is only a few months away... although it has hit me a few times that I am going to be a dad, I guess it really doesn't seem that odd to me, that or its going to hit me even harder once our munchkin is born...

Well it's getting late, and I have a long day ahead of me time to get some rest.

January 25th, 2010

Eh I needs a good meme

Lost God
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1.  I only put on socks when I am cold or have to work, I don't really like the things.
2.  I do not like most vegetables when they are cooked, raw just fine for most of them, but not all of them.  I cannot stand broccoli no matter how its is prepared and will usually gag when ever I get it in my mouth.
3.  (jedimeg16 will confirm this) I love to cook, and am always wanting to make/try newer dishes, but am still a picky eater.
4.  I sit on my feet (sometimes just one) when I sit down in a chair, or I sit with my feet crossed "Indian style" if you catch my meaning. I do this unconsciously and have since I was little.
5.  I have ADHD, to keep myself under some what of control I write a LOT of lists.  They are all over the apartment.
6.  I know a way to do about a thousand little things, but not how to do a lot of very big things about as well.
7.  I crack my joints continuously throughout the day.  They can be very loud if I haven't cracked it in a few hours
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January 14th, 2010

So I haven't really had much time to actually update, that whole LIFE thing getting in the way of serious blogging... (sarcasm so thick you could cut it with a spoon) but I figured it was time to give an actual update for people I haven't gotten to see or speak to in a while.

To start off lets go with the big news, for those of you out there that missed jedimeg16 's facebook update, she is pregnant.  Meaning come middle of June we will be parents, yes I know shocking isn't it?  As of this moment we do not know if we are getting a boy or a girl, and even if we do find out (which we are not planing on finding out ourselves until the kid is born) we won't be telling anyone.  We do at least have names picked out for each that we are more than happy with, and names we feel are good names that won't get a kid picked on for having (think moonbeam and you will know what we are straying very very far away from).  So far jedimeg16  has been doing well with the pregnancy, mostly standard stuff but she has been handling it very well.  Her doctor visits have also show that our child has been growing well and as of now has a healthy heart beat.

Work has been well, work.  Many ups and downs, many things that have made the job a bit easier, and quite a bit of drama in the workplace,  most of which I'm not going to discuss just because there is so many problems that have popped up.  That and I will probably be cutting off my Walgreens gem posts because now walgreens is asking its employees to please watch what we say on social networking sites such as this and facebook.  Sorry for your dismay on this but job security what it is I have to watch out for myself and my growing family now.  I may do something at a later point depending on my availability and drive to get it done may put together something along the lines of a twitter of a stupid comment of the day for people to follow under a new user name to protect myself.  When I do get around to making such an account I will make a quick post about it on here and facebook, but I will not be publicly be posting the link via the internet to distance myself from my newest source of venting/laughing at people.

In the mean time catch up on a few of my favorite people in the blogging world and both of which have a great amount of humorous postings of stupid people.

In school related news I have started my last class at EIU as of this week, well not at EIU but online at least.  I figured Medical terminology would be a good class for me and so far I was right, I have a weekly quiz to take a few bigger tests and a final but nothing new to a student.  I hope to pass the class with a good grade and make my family proud of me this semester, then I can get my hands on an actual college degree.  Although I am starting to think it may be a good idea to try some classes at CLC  to shape my degree into something that I can use to eventually get out of Walgreens with, but not completely yet.

The last bit of news I have is of a passing, yesterday morning a dear friend of mine passed away, one that I have had many memories with and many good times with.  I was not planning on such a sudden passing of this old friend but it had a good run, I mean 5 years without any serious illness, no need to take it into a professional to have it looked at, no real problems to speak of, I consider the time with the lost friend with the best of them. 

Yes its sad that my Mac's Hard drive died yesterday morning but it's for the best really, I had been planning on either this year or within the next few years turning it into a media server to hold my data and music as I needed it and connect the few external drives I had sitting around into a nice media server with about a terabyte of space between them, but now it looks like I am a little forced into the situation, thankfully I back up my data almost as I go, although I need to get some help in recovering a bit of my data.

andyguy82 remember those disks I gave you with all the role playing game data on them, if you could make a copy them at some point in time and mail them to me that would be great as I have pretty much lost all that wonderful data with the loss of my hard drive.

October 15th, 2009


Dr. Hobo Drunken stooper
Sometimes I wish I could enjoy a sick day without actually having to feel sick.... that would be nice....

But alas no, my body and my mind are pitted against each other in the battle called sickness, and I feel like I have been run over by a school bus filled with angry children...

back to sleep I go with some meds, warm soup and maybe some reprieve if I am lucky

September 25th, 2009

Blasted delays

So I figured something like this would happen. To me there have been many delays and excuses but I think I may have gotten the last of them out of myself and others... well for the most part any way.

As for my situation with Eastern I have hit another snag, I officially need from Eastern 3 credit hours to complete my degree. The class I thought I had to take to finish my degree is actually a 2 credit hour class, and there by shorting me 1 stinking credit hour. So in speaking to my advisor at Eastern I found I can be waved the 2 credit hour class to take one class of what ever I feel like online to complete my degree. Problem is I need to wait till the spring to finish my degree. At which point I give the finger to the educational system and say no more from you.

In work related delays I have still not finished my senior tech training that I have been working on for the better part of a year, my boss has yet to finish the last few remaining parts of it and when it seems like I have the time to finish it, I get summoned over to the drive thru to continue my penance, or my boss leaves for the day or in my current case HE LEAVES THE COUNTRY.... I don't blame him for taking a vacation and all, but it seems like our new hire will get the senior tech done before me and I have had the damn sheet in my back pocket for what seems like a year and a half now...

Well hopefully today goes better than the last few, other wise I feel like I should be allowed to kill someone to keep everyone else in line.

September 16th, 2009

Took me long enough....

It took me long enough but I am FINALLY into the last class I need to get a degree from Eastern.

as of today I am unofficially back into Eastern to take my last class, I say unofficially because I have yet to receive a welcome packet (which I was told would be coming out this week) but next week I will be signing up for my last class and come october I will be taking it online. With any luck and a lot of help from megan I will be done by the end of this year!

August 28th, 2009

So Walgreens is running a new little promotion in regards to the new set of flu shots that are now out (my store got them in earlier this week, but we have yet to get the shot for the H1N1 "swine flu" as it has yet to become available to the market).

This promotion is done kind of like the old, donate a dollar, put your name on a piece of paper shaped like a balloon, and each location posts them all over the place. Well Walgreens has basically given the stores a roll of heart shaped stickers to us that have the words "I got my flu shot for..." and then gives space to fill in either a reason why they got the flu shot or who they got the flu shot for.

and all I can think of is reasons why people got the flu shot but shouldn't have... Such as:

I got my flu shot for ....

... The Robot Overlords.
... My big gay lover.
... The homeless man on the corner.
... my mistress.
... protection against the oncoming zombie infestation.
... mary jane and her 5 friends.
... my other arm.
... the crew at McDonalds.
... the hippy commune.

I would love it if people could add to my growing list of reasons why I got my flu shot, but shouldn't have. Comment away!

July 28th, 2009

As a follow up to my last post I would like to talk about this up coming weekend, thats right its august 1st this weekend and bristol will be had.

As such I am still some what a miss as to who would like to all join us this weekend. We still have lots of space but it will probably fill up quite fast.

As it stands right now Megan and I are planning to get people in on Saturday and have some fun Saturday night with friends we haven't seen in a while, crash and then get up early Sunday morning for the run to bristol.

If people need to come in Friday thats fine too, as is leaving on Monday is also fine. Due to economic restraints though we can't afford to feed everyone, so bringing some food would be a good idea, or heck helping chip in for pizzas would also be a good idea as we have found a few good pizza joints around here.

so call me or send me a message if you are going to join us this weekend!

June 21st, 2009

So I have a bit to catch up on... its been well over a month since my last post so I figure its time for a recap mostly to just catch everyone up on what's going on, to save sanity sake I have decided to cut everything down to bite size pieces because of all the stuff I have to talk about, some will probably be shorter than other some longer but either click on a part you want to read or read the whole thing if you must.

ACEN and ACEN PicturesCollapse )

Work Related MattersCollapse )

Home Related MattersCollapse )

Our 2nd AnniversaryCollapse )

Wedding/Bachelor Party / yoric"s weddingCollapse )

The Great (but short) Flooding of BaldwinCollapse )

Trip to the 7 Mile Fair and Jewish gangs Collapse )

A request for sssage for getting some work doneCollapse )

The Plan for BristolCollapse )

Yeah thats about all the major important stuff I want to talk about, as for the rest of it I have pretty much been playing a lot of video games and sitting around, I really need to start gaming again, as I am really starting to miss it... so much so....
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